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Quick Note: St. John Bosco remains #1-Recap, Scores, Stats vs Chandler (AZ)

Nationally ranked number 1 St. John Bosco had to work to keep their top ranked position in this game. The cross state team of Arizona, Chandler High started this game knowing St. John would not start their QB Josh Rosen. It was reported that Boscos coach Jason Negro would not start Rosen due to a coaches decision. This was found out to be not true. HS Scoreboard found out before kick off that Rosen was benched due to disciplinary actions and not strategy. Despite the benching he later came in the 2nd quarter only to hurt his shoulder yet passing 10-for-15, 115 yards, and a TD. It took a total team effort. The 3 man team of  back up QB #12  Andrew Katnik, RB # 8 Manasseh Anesi, and WR # 1 Shay Fields led this team to victory which was down a surprising 28-17 at the half.

Game Summary:

– # 3 Bryce Perkins 63 yard Chandler rushing TD @ 9:54 1st qtr 7-0

– St. John Bosco #3 Josh Rosen to # 16 Angelo Quintero 20 yard TD pass @ 5:32 1st qtr 7-7

– #20 Chase Lucas scores from 15 yard rushing TD @ 5:02 1st qtr 14-7 Chandler up

-#3 Bryce Perkins passing TD to #20 Chase Lucas for 50 yd 3:16 1st qtr 21-7 Chandler is up 2 scores

– At the  start of 2nd qtr @11:55 #18 Reid Budrovich kicks 41 yard firld goal 21-10 St. John Bosco cuts it down.

 – #1 Elijah Sykes scores on a 4 yard TD run Chandler is in command 28-10

– #12 Andrew Katnik comes in and throws 21 yard pass to #2 Jaleel Wadood 1:01 in the 2nd 28-17

– Chandler leads 28-17 at half time. Chandler will get the ball at start of 2nd half

– St. John scores on a  8 yard pass by #12 Andrew Katnik  to #2 Jaleel Wadood 28-24 St. John cutting it down and swings momentum to their side.

– #8 Manasseh Anesi scores from 3 yards out for St. John 31-28 5:59 3rd qtr

– #8 Manasseh Anesi gets antoher score from 1 yd out to put St. John up 38-28 2:02 3rd qtr

– #5 Sean McGrew runs 88 yards for a TD 45-31 7:24 4th. St. John Bosco in total command looks number 1 in the nation has now shown up.

– Another #8 Manasseh Anesi TD! That’s 3. 25 yard TD run to ice the game 52-31 @ 4:12 in 4th qtr

FINAL 52-31. Number 1 in the nation still, St. John Bosco beats Chandler High of Arizona

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Minutes before kick off

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